Best Five Beaches in Costa Rica

There are many best beaches in Costa Rica to visit for family and couples holiday. Some of them are considered are best spot for surfing, swimming and snorkeling as well as other activities. For information, based on Traveler’s choice 2013 on, this country gives 8 of top 10 beaches in Central America. The rest ones are located in Honduras and Guatemala. It is not strange because Costa Rica has 800 miles of coastline on Pacific Ocean and Caribbean coast as well as its unique biodiversity. Here is the list:

5. Playa Avellanes Beach

Picture of Playa Avellana Beach for Surfing

Situated in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Playa Avellanes Beach is home to divers, beginner and intermediate surfers, shoreline fishermen and water sportsmen. With clean blue water and stunning coral reef, it is perfect place for catching marlin, giant tuna and other species of fishes. As called as little Hawaii, it is ideal destination for remote holiday journeys. There are also many places to stay near the beaches with various ranges of accommodation types including restaurants for vegetarians. For such dates and seasons, Tamarindo are very crowded with surfers so it may be hard to catch waves. There are tiny nightlife activities here.

4. Playa Santa Teresa

Surfing Activities in Playa Santa Teresa Beach

As small town in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica situated in Nicoya Peninsula, Playa Santa Teresa Beach offers gold soft sands, clear water, excellent wave for surfing and relaxing spot for sunbathing and honeymoon. The perfect time to visit is from November to April whereas the peak season is from December to March. It is also recommended spot for backpackers because there are few hotels offer affordable rates per night, starting at $10. The basic accommodations near the beach are quite complete with some internet cafes, shops and restaurant with local and international cuisines. This place also offers excellent nightlife activities with some bars and pubs with cheap prices of drinks.

3. Playa Guiones

Surfing in Playa Guiones Nosara Costa Rica

Called with other name, Nosara Beach, Playa Guiones offers 9 km of stretched white sands. It is perfect place for snorkeling and amateur surfing for facing 2-6 ft waves. There are several places of surf schools offers private lessons and renting surfboards. The famous one is Pacific Surf Nosara with experienced professionals. It is tiny island so you can explore it by biking or walking from south to north of bay. There are rarely crowded visitor so it is perfect spot to escape from your daily busy activities and getting relaxing as well as doing yoga, pilates and spa. This spot offers everything you need for amazing holiday with quite complete accommodations such as restaurants and bars.

2. Samara Beach

Surfing in Samara Beach Costa Rica

Situated in Playa Samara on the Nicoya Peninsula’s western shore, Samara Beach is more like topical paradise due to its beautiful long white sands and clear shallow waters. Scuba diving and snorkeling are best activities to do because you can find amazing coral reeds and picturesque. With friendly waves, it is also perfect destination to swim, surfing and ideal spot for families and spouses. The accommodation near the beach is quite complete with local shops to sell merchandises and rent surfboard. There are also restaurants to serve local and international cuisines as well as nightlife activities.

1. Playa Manuel Antonio

Surfing in Playa Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

Located in Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa Manuel Antonio offers exceptional place for snorkeling, scuba diving, rips to the park and zip-lining. Besides beautiful beach, Manuel Antonio National Park is a must see place to visit. You can enjoy watch spectacular sunset from hotels and restaurant along the road as well as seeing monkey crossing the road. In entrance of park, you can find guides for park tours with price of about $25 per person. There are also snorkeling tours to guide to visit 15 local sites with different biodiversity. The activities in this spot are endless. Zip-lining through the trees of forest is one of amazing things to do.